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Welcome Jenneke and Floris 

by Jasper Hauser

We are happy to introduce two new members of the Sofa team. Firstly Jenneke Valdés, who will dedicate her time to supporting our products and customers. And secondly Floris Verloop, our new design and interaction intern.


Q Tell us something about yourself.
A I'm Jenneke, 24 years old and I live in Amsterdam. I have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a focus on culture and media, but my real passions are computers, gadgets, technology and fixing stuff.

Q What did you do before coming to Sofa?
A I processed study data for cancer medicine, so you could say that's something pretty positive and helpful for the entire human race. I also was a sales assistant at an Apple reseller where I would be selling Macs, software and all things related to that, and I spend a lot of time explaining those things to the customers. I was always hanging around with the technical support staff as they're the biggest geeks in a retail store. That's how I got started with support.

Ever since I was little, I have always been the one who had to fix anything computer/electronics-related for my family and later also for friends, so that might have been kind of an influence too.

Q What kind of projects have you worked on before?
A I guess you can say I'm kind of a noob here, because I've never before worked at a place as exciting and innovative as Sofa.

Q What will you do at Sofa?
A I will be doing support for all of Sofa's software, so I'm going to be helping people make the most of their software, and apart from that I'll be working on the support documentation for the software, making sure all the typos and spelling mistakes are corrected.

Q What kind of projects do you find interesting?
A I'm really interested in seeing Enstore develop into something even more awesome than it is today.

Q What other things do you like doing?
A I love to cook, especially dinner with a lots of friends. I love to read and call myself a gamer. Another hobby of mine is fixing Macs, and messing around with old Apples. At home I've got 3 old iMac G3s, an iBook, an eMate 300 and 2 Newtons. And they all function pretty well.

Q How is your relation with Zowieso?
A I'm working on a plot to make him fall in love with my cat Yuki, although I'm not sure if my other cat Norman would approve of that...

Q Anything else?
A Coffee!


Q Tell us something about yourself.
A I'm Floris and I currently study Communication- and Multimedia design. I live in Katwijk, a small seaside town. Most of the time you'll find me sitting behind my Mac or playing with my iPhone or iPad.

Q How did you end up picking that study subject?
A I first worked with HTML when I was 11 years old. With Frontpage as my weapon of choice, I made useless websites about my interests. Yes, these websites included animated GIF images and they were all just a big table. These first attempts where just for fun, and I always kept building websites on the side, but a few years later I realized (mainly because I was doing some boring management school), I wanted to work with the web full-time. I bought a Mac, applied for my current education and started to fully focus on the web.

Q What's the last project you worked on?
A The last big thing was my portfolio website (which got me this awesome internship). When I was accepted I built a small page about my internship to show my excitement. At the moment I'm working on my personal blog, to keep track of all the things I'm learning here.

Q What will you do during your internship?
A I will be focussing on learning as much as possible about interface design. During my time here I'll divide my time learning all about interaction design, design, HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Q What do you like most about interaction design?
A I really like to create interfaces that people actually use, not just once, but on a daily basis. I like projects where I can work from sketch, to interaction, to design, to finally building it with HTML and CSS. Thinking out every detail there is. Besides building interfaces, I love creating icons.

Q What do you like doing in your leisure time?
A You will mostly find me on, or around, the couch. I love gaming. It's a nice way to ‘unload’ my mind. I'm a huge fan of the Halo franchise and you can often find me making headshots on Xbox Live. Besides gaming I like to check out tv shows or grab a movie at the cinema.

Q How is your relation with Zowieso?
A The only thing he does when he is around me is fall asleep to take another 14 hour nap. Maybe he's secretly making sure I do my job.

Q Anything else?
A If you're interested in following my adventures here at Sofa, visit my personal website


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