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Sofa Acquires Versions 

by Dirk Stoop

Big news: Sofa acquires all of Versions.

Versions, the award winning Mac Subversion client, is the fruit of a collaboration between Pico and Sofa.

Sofa recently acquired all assets of Versions from Pico, making Sofa the sole owner of Versions. Sofa is committed to supporting all Versions users and to continuing the development of Versions, reassuring a great future for the product.

Current Versions users will not notice any immediate changes in how Versions is marketed, supported or sold. Longer term, they will be able to enjoy an even better Subversion client boasting more features and an improved user interface.

We are very excited to take Versions to the next level!

About Sofa: Sofa is an Amsterdam-based software company founded in 2006. Sofa makes useful Mac and web software with delightful interfaces.

About Pico: Pico is a small software studio that specializes in the development of applications exclusively for Mac OS X and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Pico was founded in 2008 and is based in Lisbon, Portugal.


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