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Facebook Acquires Sofa 

We're excited to announce today that Facebook has acquired the Sofa team.

When we started Sofa in 2006, we set out to make friendly, useful and enjoyable products that matter to people.

Over the years, we built an awesome team of designers and developers around this mission. Together, we created great software that many people use and enjoy every day. That's something we'll always be proud of.

We expected to keep working at Sofa forever. But after Facebook first made contact, we were quickly convinced to join forces.

Facebook is full of talent and has a great culture. We feel challenged and at home at the same time, and can really get things done there. But equally important, we believe that at Facebook, we will be making a real difference to a lot of people's lives.

The Sofa team will be moving from Amsterdam to Palo Alto in the coming weeks – and we'll make sure to infuse some of our particular flavor of Dutch culture at Facebook.

Sofa's products, Kaleidoscope and Versions, are not a part of this acquisition. Both apps will remain available and we're committed to securing a great future for them outside Sofa. We're also working with our joint venture partner to provide the smoothest transition and best possible future for Checkout, Enstore and their collective customers. For more details see this page.

Finally, we want to express our deepest appreciation to our customers, partners, advisors and everyone else who helped us these past five years. Working with you all is the reason this adventure was so incredibly fun.

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