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Apps for Japan Recap 

by Dirk Stoop

Sofa's day of sales for Japan is over, thanks everybody for making this a success! Read on for the results.

Our donation drive was a great success, thanks to everyone's generosity we were able to collect a grand total of € 7608.48 for help in Japan over the course of 36 hours.

I'd like to share one story that I find particularly inspiring: 4 newly starting retail businesses bought copies of Checkout yesterday. In doing so — starting their own businesses — these entrepreneurs also helped to rebuild elsewhere. If that's not good karma, I don't know what is. We are very proud and grateful to have played a role in this.

Our team is chipping in to bring the grand total to a nicely rounded € 8000. The money will be split between Doctors Without Borders (3000), Habitat for Humanity (3000) and the Japanese Red Cross (2000).

All of these donations are earmarked specifically for work in Japan. Because we've seen a lot of our peers donate primarily to the Red Cross, we're sending a bit more in the direction of the other two organizations.

Many thanks to everybody who helped spread the word, and of course an extra special thank you to everyone who bought one or more copies of Versions, Kaleidoscope or Checkout yesterday. As you may have already been told when you registered the apps, you rock!


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