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We Were Sofa

A software and interaction design company that built great products.


Sofa was a small design-centered software company, founded by three guys who taught themselves how to code and make apps.

Next to building and selling products, Sofa fueled its growth through design contracting work and quickly became known as a world-class design studio and software company. As our team and product portfolio grew, we moved away from contracting and focused fully on our own Mac, iOS and web products.

Since 2011, our mission to create great experiences continues at Facebook – now for millions of people at a time.

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    Apple Design Award 2009

    Versions won an award in the Developer Showcase category. More info at Macworld.com
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    Apple Design Award 2008

    Checkout was rewarded runner-up for delivering a great user experience. More info at Macworld.com
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    BusinessWeek Award

    Madebysofa.com won a Best of the Web Award for bringing print design to the web. More info at BusinessWeek.com

Koen Bok

Koen started programming Python to enhance his video mixing sets. He has a keen eye for design and branding.

Dirk Stoop

Dirk is an interaction fanatic who likes to spit and polish. We also suspect he actually likes working on contracts.

Jasper Hauser

Jasper is allergic to ugly. He has a background in visual arts and can snap his left eye on the pixel while designing.

Hugo van Heuven

When Hugo's not coding, designing or 3D modeling, he probably discovered something else that needs to be done.

Jorn van Dijk

Jorn likes coming up with the big picture, then zooming in like there's no tomorrow. He'll push pixels 'til they're round.

Joy-Vincent Niemantsverdriet

Whenever a mockup is just perfect, we give it to Joy and get it back better, much better.

Klaas Pieter Annema

Klaas Pieter writes as many programming languages as possible while drumming on his desk with a pencil.

Jonathan Dann

Jon is a self–taught Cocoa developer. Luckily for us, he stumbled upon Sofa after a brief plunge into particle physics.

Mathieu Tozer

After traveling the world to help people create comic books, Mat joined Sofa to code in obscure flavors of Cocoa.

Jenneke Valdés

With patience, Jenneke answered our software's many questions about its users, or was it the other way around?

Laurens Bon

After balancing accounts, Laurens likes to unwind by playing the piano while doing some currency conversions.

Cathy Shive

When she's not building great apps or playing chess with ED-209, Cathy makes secret plans for lunch with Asimo.

Pieter de Bie

Pieter studied AI before joining Sofa as a developer. He likes his tea like he likes his version control: strong, a little sugar.

Floris Verloop

Floris first interned with Sofa to learn everything we could teach him about design. Then, he kept coming back.




In 2007, Sofa and Acclivity entered into a joint venture around Checkout. After Sofa was acquired by Facebook, Acclivity took over both Checkout and Enstore.

Sofa joined forces with Pico to create Versions. In 2010, shortly after Sofa developed Kaleidoscope, it acquired all of Versions. Both products are now further developed by Black Pixel.

Other Projects

Sofa supported Indie Fever, Michiel van Meeteren's research paper on the indie Mac developer community with a research grant. Get the paper here.

Sofa frequently hosted Amsterdam Cocoaheads meetups, was actively involved in Dutch startup collective STIKK and supported the Appsterdam movement.

Subversion Client for Mac
File Comparison for mac

Now owned and developed by Black Pixel

Get a Mac. Start a Store.
Your Store Online

Now owned and developed by Acclivity NYC